The marguerite Route – A real human being has multiple rooms

An exhibition at Ebeltoft Glasmuseum in collaboration with Begitte Lynge Andersen. 

The theme of the exhibition revolves around the boundaries between the public space and the private sphere, conveyed through poetic, sensual and thought-provoking installations with bodily references. The works represent various layers, which we as humans often contain: those we are happy to show, those which others don’t normally get to see, and those which show more than people might want to see.  

The title of the exhibition, ’The Marguerite Route’ bears the same name as the scenic tourist route, which guides you to some of the most attractive sites in Denmark. The pictograms in the exhibition take you on a route through various rooms, each representing its own layer, making the artists’ version of the ‘Marguerite Route’ quite a different experience.