In Alices Wonderland

Solo exhibition at Officinet in Copenhagen

Exhibition text

In Alices´s Wonderland

A staging inspired by Lewis Carroll’s adventurous literary world.

Glass artist Marie Retpen has created a new scene for Lewis Carroll’s stories with an evocative and different exhibition inspired by the disturbing adventures.

In Lewis Carroll’s story “Alice in Wonderland”, Alice drags through a rabbit hole and lands in a fantasy world inhabited by talking animals and creatures. Marie Retpen has captured the marvelous and surreal vibe of a number of installations, inspired by the short stories Alice in Wonderland and Behind the Looking glass.

Each of the installations represents a scene, told through sculptures and objects in blown glass, combined with found and created artifacts. The expression is theatrical and inspired by the director Jonathan Miller’s cinematic black and white interpretation of the stories.

The logic is set out while the crooked dreams and crazy experiences enter. In the installation A Mad Teaparty, the silver-plated tableware is partly recognizable and partly “melted”. The contrast between the hard “metallic” material and the process that makes it appear soft, almost fluid, is contradictory and a source of wonder.

The title refers to the chapter in Alice in Wonderland, where Alice meets The Mad Hatter, The March Hare and The Dormouse and becomes an unwelcome guest at an incomprehensible and rude tea party.

The exhibition represents the, at the same time, marvelous and attractive, ambiguous and repulsive atmosphere in Alice’s surreal dream world. It’s a fare from Disneyland…