IN THE MAKING – A strap of skin (En rem af huden)

The imperfect has become a new ideal, and the human body, in all its guises, has become an important subjects to display in public space . This has awakened my interest in my own body.

My contribution to the exhibition “In the Making” is the work “A strap of the skin”, which deals with the fine line between the public and private sphere. The theme is treated through a sensual installation consisting of hanging objects in blown glass, natural materials, textiles and silicone with references to body parts– all belonging to the private sphere.

I have photographed angles and parts of my body, which I don’t normally relate to. I this process, my self-image and my vanity have become secondary to a growing interest in my body as shapes, surfaces, textures  This is where the change, which I am not in control of, has happened, and the stories of strength , gravity, motherhood and other feats are told.

“A strap of skin” consists of partly abstract, partly recognizable shapes with bodily references. It expresses how I look at my own body; partly delicate, but not always well cared for in detail, soft and slightly fleshy with scares and marks.

The work can be seen as a kind of self-portrait as well as a tribute to the changes of not just mine but all bodies.

“In the making” at Glasmuseet (Ebeltoft) in 2023 displayed work by recipients of  “Finn Lynggaard Grant”.