Great Danes
Danish Glass: from modern factory design to contemporary art.
Glazenhuis, Belgium 

The Space Between Two Mad Tea Parties 

‘Mad tea party’ is a reference to Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice in Wonderland. It is a surreal and intense event – perhaps not far from situations you would experience in real life! 

The Space Between Two Mad Tea Parties is a visualization of the mental space between such experiences. A potential space for reflection. A timeout where thoughts can float. A vacuum before the next event. 

In the ceiling, a table is hanging upside down. Gravity is pulling the silver tableware until the pieces can no longer resist and slowly leave the tabletop. 

Some pieces are already hanging in the air, slowly falling towards the ground. Some meet on their way down, resulting in changes of direction and shape. Others have, for the moment, retrieved their original shape. 

On the ground, another table is placed. Pieces of tableware have landed randomly on the tabletop and are now partly squeezed and deformed. 

It is a tale of the space between what we know and what we see, challenging our perception of time and gravity. By entering this space, the viewer becomes aware of his/her imaginative reflexes. 

The objects all have familiar everyday features. However, the suggestion of an unfamiliar physical action indicates a supernatural, ‘unheimlich’ narrative. 

What we see makes us wonder; and it is here in the space between knowledge and imagination that the real tale comes to life and is told.