The title of this work is House of Growth. The two artists take the words ‘house’ and ‘growth’ quite literally. The work is framed by a greenhouse containing sculptural objects of blown glass, outgrowths as well as natural and artificial textile materials. The visuals and functions of the greenhouse are immediately recognizable to most viewers, but subsequently this work may stir an emotional response of surprise, wonder and curiosity. In House of Growth the viewer will encounter a transplanting of plants and outgrowths along with bodily and domestic elements, and there is no clear line between the soil from where plants grow and the place where people live. 

To emphasize the meaning of ‘house’ and the notion of indoor vs. outdoor, parts of the greenhouse glass are sandblasted and printed with motifs. Some of these motifs come from lace curtains whose perforated, partly transparent design invites the viewer on a journey of visual discovery where voyeurism is allowed. The sensuous expression of this work invites the viewer to move around it and experience its narrative on several levels, depending on the viewer’s age, height and level of reflection.